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Do patients owe you money?
If so you are at the right place!

YES! I am ready to collect more money while encouraging patients to come back to my practice!

I am your Dental Accounts Receivable Ninja!

Andy Cleveland

I've helped hundreds of dental practices recover insane profits by;

  • Increasing Patient Payments! Unpaid accounts weigh your practice down like an anchor! 

  • Less strain on your existing team! Most staff don’t like calling people for money! (Unless they are sadistic)

  • Get paid for the work you do, isolate problem accounts and identify opportunities to get the patient back in the practice!

“My ultimate goal is to help you make the right decision for your practice, regardless if it involves me or referring you elsewhere. My business is 100% referral driven and I can only grow to the extent of you being an ecstatic client, this is the lifeblood of my business”

Andy Grover Cleveland

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  • I'll share with you the amazing three excellent dental focused collection agencies I have found in the marketplace! 

  • Uncover the secret answer to the "Flat fee versus percentage based collections, which is better for me?" question.

  • Select the perfect agency that hits the bulls-eye when it comes to reflecting the exact values and the branding of your practice!

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